GTR will be the largest, most sophisticated, advanced shooting range, training, Illinois Concealed Carry Class, firearms & accessory center, civilian, law enforcement & military training facility that is both open to the public during normal business hours, but also offers various Memberships much like a Private Country Club that offers member only hours and activities as well as Member only facilities, all located between Chicago and Milwaukee along Chicago’s prestigious North Shore.

Situated just east of IL Route 41, and west of Greenbay Road, and approximately two miles from Interstate 94, GTR Sporting Club is located at 3055-3059 Washington Street in Waukegan, IL 60085. It has more than one address as it is simply that large.

Approximately 38,000 square feet of space, this state-of-the-art shooting range, currently under construction, not only will include the amenities listed, but will also be equipped with LED lighting throughout the shooting range for optimal sighting at any distance. Internet access, large screen monitors, allowing viewers full view of all range activities, as well as additional showings & sporting events. Currently GTR offers Illinois Concealed Carry training classes for men & women entering the sport, as well as experienced, and advanced training.  GTR offers the latest and most advanced training curriculum used by law enforcement agencies and military.  GTR will also sport the “fats” simulator used by elite government agencies, law enforcement, and military special operation personnel & private security forces.

GTR equipment is supplied by Meggitt Systems, the leading supplier of integrated live fire and simulation weapons training systems; the ultimate in government defense and sport shooting systems. Range time for non-members will be $22.00/hr. for pistol, and $24.00/hr. for rifle. Members, depending on the type of membership purchased already have hours included as part of their package, however will pay a flat $20.00/hr. for either pistol or long gun.

GTR’s shooting range will include three separate alleys, totaling twenty-two lanes.  The last eight lanes having combat target retrievers with max speed, 360 degree turning capabilities, making 90 degree turns in 0.5 seconds.  GTR lanes are min. 45”-48” wide, with shooting stalls large enough to include a second person for training purposes, and/or wheelchair accessibility.  GTR shooting stalls will include tables, barricades, communication equipment, and an electric eye security system that automatically shuts down the range if a shooter exits a shooting stall into a live range. The GTR shooting range distance is a maximum 25 yds. (75 ft.).  The backstop is rated to .50 cal., however, GTR is restricting rifle caliber to .223/5.56.

GTR stands for “Green Target Range.” GTR’s shooting range will have recirculated air quality that reaches 99.99% pure, and GTR will recycle all shooting range material possible.  GTR will promote the highest safety, superior training, range cleanliness, green ecology, and professional firearms purchasing advice at every level.  GTR will generate an enjoyable experience for novice and professionals alike.Shooting Range 002GTR clients will be greeted and assisted by knowledgeable, friendly staff members.

 GTR range personnel will be nationally certified as range safety officers and carry a minimum of one national firearm certification.  GTR will support expert, experienced trainers from Action Shooting Sports, LLC. They will conduct Illinois Carry & Conceal certifications, NRA basic pistol, personal protection inside and outside the home plus a host of other more advanced classes for the general public.  Introduction to 3-gun, USPSA, IDPA, Bullseye and Police Pistol League Competition will also be made available to those who are interested in competing.

GTR instructors include nationally known professionals as Petros “Pete” Milionis, a recently retired Chicago police officer with more than 15 year of experience, including serving as the primary firearms/carbine instructor for the S.W.A.T. team over 10 years, Pete was also full-time operational member and element leader in the execution of hostage rescue/barricaded subjects and high risk search warrants.  GTR is honored to feature such an accomplished instructor, teacher, and firearm competitor.

Pete also is currently a subject matter expert, also lead instructor for the U.S. State Department Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program in the training of high threat protection details responsible for the protecting national leaders. Pete has been competitive in USPSA for the past decade, earning the classification of Grand Master. He has won numerous championship titles including being the four-time Steel Challenge IDPA World Champion and twice Steel Challenge IDPA National Champion, as well as High Law Enforcement USPSA National Champion.

You will enjoy the best experience,

Frank Orsi

Founder and President of GTR Sporting Club

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